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Endless run and avoid games ! Your mission is capture the thief and chase him The premise of the game is simple and straightforward: the playable character is Alan. He's the owner of the house in the game, and a thief just cleared his safe out of most of its most prized possessions. He must now pursue the thief in order to get back the valuable items that the thief stole from him. As players play the game as Alan, they will be on a mission to capture the thief and chase him, but the game won't make it easy for them. They will need to earn many different achievements in the game, get past all the obstacles the roof has in store for them, and get hold of the thief in order to win. All the while, the thief will be taunting them as they play Alan, so they'll have to keep their cool in more ways than one.

How To Play

Up arrow : Jump
Down arrow : Slide
Space bar : action

Run fast as you can avoid obstacle front of you , pop the jelly to make you more faster and don't let the thief run away .


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